Onboarding Suite

Full-fledged customer onboarding suite containing the following solutions

  • Aadhaar Based KYC
    • Paperless XML
    • cKYC
    • DigiLocker
  • Video KYC (100% RBI compliant)
  • OCR and Validation of OVDs
  • Facematching and Faceliveness
  • Online document signing using Aadhaar or OTP
  • E-NACH and Physical NACH mandate setup and Auto debit functionality
Onboarding Suite

Aadhaar Based KYC

  • Perform Aadhaar based KYC through
    • Paperless Aadhaar XML
    • cKYC
    • DigiLocker
  • Captcha AutoRead available, to ensure minimal user drop off
  • Plug and Play solution
  • Integration within 1 day
  • User Interface (UI) available and can be customized as per need
  • Multiple deployment options available, for both web and App based user journeys (Backend API, Android SDK, IOS SDK, Js Web SDK and Hybrid SDK)

Video KYC

  • Two-way calling between Agent and Customer
  • 100% compliant with RBI regulations
    • Capture selfie
    • Capture PAN
    • Video recording
    • GEO-Tagging
    • Face matching & Face Liveness
    • PAN & Aadhaar validation.
  • Queueing mechanism during Peak Hours
  • Scheduling Feature for Customers
  • Call back feature when all agents are busy
  • VIDEO PD – Customised user journey , option to select Docs to capture

OCR And Validation Of OVDs

  • Accuracy levels of >99%
  • Aadhaar Masking available
  • OCR models trained on lakhs of data
  • VALIDATION available for all Documents

Facematching And Faceliveness

  • Face liveness tells if the person on the other end is a live person or not
  • Face match matches that selfie with authentic document and gives the accuracy levels
  • Accuracy levels of both Face liveness and Face matching solutions is >99%
  • Available through Android / iOS SDK and Backend API

DOC Signing (E-SIGN)

Aadhaar based E-SIGN
  • Digitap is a licensed ASP (Application Service Provider) and are partnered with a licensed ESP (Esign Service Provider)
  • Signing of documents based on mobile OTP (in accordance with the IT ACT 2013)

E-NACH Mandate

Mandate Set Up Through
  • Net banking / Debit card
  • Physical form
Auto Debit through Plug & Play APIs

Key Benefits


Complete digital onboarding suite


Highest accuracy rates


Scalable solutions with ability to handle high volumes