Alternate Data Suite

Digitap builds complex credit underwriting models by extracting financial and non-financial information of a customer from the following sources:

  • Bank Statements
  • Device Data(Via SMS)
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Employment Data
  • Telecom Data
  • Email
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Alternate Data Suite

Bank statements

Allows to get the Cxs Bank Data Report through:

  • NetBanking
  • PDF Statements Upload
Report Details :
  • Customer Details
  • Bank Account Details
  • Transactions Data with Categorization
  • PDF , CSV , EXCEL , JSON reports available
  • Data Analytics & Bank Data Score Card*
  • ~700 financial variables on user profile
  • Extended fraud checks on doc and data

Employment Data

There are 2 ways to verify the employment details:

  • Without any user intervention
  • With user OTP
Key Inputs :
  • For without any user intervention API - Mobile number
  • For user OTP based API - Mobile number and OTP sent to that mobile number
  • For without user intervention API - Name, DOB, Gender, Aadhaar verification status, Company name recently employed, Date of Joining, Date of Exit (if any), Reason for Exit
  • For user OTP API - Entire PF passbook for the last 12 years

Device Data

DIGITAP SDK acquires data from user’s mobile device, basis permissions

Read SMS / Location Data / Call Records / Contact List data

Key Outputs
  • AI driven Credit Score
  • 1400+ variables of User financial health
    - CASA, CC, Loans, Deposits, Wallets
    - Utility Bill Payments, Insurance
  • User Profiling for Underwriting, Lower NPAs
  • Automated decisioning
  • Rich Alternate Data for NTC customers
  • Easy to integrate
  • Light weight solution (size of SDK ~350 KB)

Telecom Data

Mobile No. Validation
  • Allows to acquire customer related information available with the telecom operator
  • OTP based trigger for user to provide access to account details
Report Details :
  • Customer Name, Email & Address
  • Activation details
  • Bill payment and recharge history
  • Solution available as SDK and back end API
Common Account Detection
  • Allows to detect whether user mobile phone is primary phone number or not
  • Check for mobile number account existing in 7 platforms
Key Input:
  • User Mobile Number
Current Platforms

Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, Amazon , Flipkart , PayTm, WhatsApp & Linkedin

E-Commerce Platforms

Allows to get the Customer’s data from Popular E-Comm Websites

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • PayTM
Report Details :
  • Customer Details (demographic, KYC, membership)
  • Address & Saved Card Details
  • Order Details
  • Wallet Txns & related Data
  • Pay Later Details
  • Insights of Cx Behavior, Spending patterns & Capacity
  • Underwrite NTC Customers
  • Useful for Collections & Recovery (Address & Mobile)
  • Upsell & Cross-sell Opportunities

Email parsing

Our Solution allows clients to do email parsing of the customer account (with the explicit permission of the customer) to dig out key financial information.

Key features :
  • Pick out bank statements from email accounts of the customer
  • Support for Top 5 banks
  • Other financial information
  • Customer delivery addresses and many more

Key Benefits


Lower NPAs


Lower underwriting cost and collections cost


Faster decisioning on credit assessment