TSP for Account Aggregator

Digitap is a certified TSP (Technology Service Provider) which develops modules to obtain Financial information of a customer (including the bank statement information) directly from the banks (through APIs) using Account Aggregator framework.

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Account Aggregator
what are account aggregators

What are account aggregators

Account aggregators are RBI licensed NBFCs that enable the transfer of information of customer financial information from one Financial Institution to the other with the consent of the customer

Participants in the AA ecosystem


Financial institutions asking the customer to provide the financial information


Financial institutions providing the financial information of the customer


RBI licensed NBFCs that facilitate the sharing of information from the FIP to FIU


Entities that implement the FIU and FIP modules as per the standards laid down by RBI

Digitap as TSP

  • Digitap is a certified TSP that implements the FIU module, enables the certification of the module and provides analytics over and above the raw data shared by FIP
  • As a TSP, Digitap has connectivity to all AAs
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