Employment Verification

Digitap has two major ways of providing employment verification

Employment verification

  • With User intervention
  • Without User intervention

With User intervention

  • Using the consent based employment verification, Digitap is able to parse the PF passbook of the customer providing information going back till April 2010
  • There are 2 APIs in this solution: one for getting the OTP and the other for submitting the OTP and getting the report


  • Mobile or UAN number


  • Employee details (Name, DOB and Father’s name)
  • For each company that the employee worked for: Company name and Date of Joining
  • On a monthly basis, information on how much PF (employee and employer share) was credited to this PF account, Pension credited, month of credit, Date of credit
  • Details on latest PF balance (employee and employer share) are also available

Without User intervention

  • There are two APIs for this solution: Basic API and Advanced API
  • Solution is offered as a backend API

Basic API

  • Phone number of the customer
  • Name, DOB, Gender, Aadhaar verification status, Company name recently employed, Date of Joining, Date of Exit (if any), Reason for Exit
  • In some cases, you can also receive additional information such as PAN, Aadhaar number, Bank A/C details that are mentioned in the UAN portal

Advance API

  • Advanced API = UAN BASIC API + EPFO check.
Description :
  • In Basic API, the company name that is provided can be last Company that he worked with or the recent company.
  • If the date of exit is populated, then we know for sure that the company is his last company and he is currently not employed
  • If the date of exit is not populated, then it may or not be his current company. In some cases, even when the person leaves the company, the date of exit may not be populated
  • To address the above issue, we have developed an advanced API, which will run the EPFO check on the company name and employee name obtained from the BASIC API which will tell us whether the person is really employed with that company in the last three months

Use Cases


Employment verification


Marketing for salaried customers (Lead generation)

Key Benefits


With no user intervention, this solution allows clients to check if their customers are employed or not


Given the mobile numbers of a bunch of customers, we could find out who among them are employed for better targeting of salaried products at them